How Many Ads Do You See Each Day?

According to the American Marketing Association, a person will see approximately 10,000 ads per day. You and I both know that we are certainly not tracking the number on a day to day basis. It would be extremely time consuming and wouldn’t be virtually possible to catch every advertisement.

I had the wonderful opportunity to count how many advertisements that I encountered on a single day. On Saturday, November 11th, 2017 I proceeded with my typical weekend function and woke up around 10:30 a.m. I began to scroll through my social media which consists of Facebook and Instagram and I counted that I saw 78 advertisements in about a thirty minute span. After I realized how many ads I encountered in a thirty minute span, I entered into the prosperous town of Buckhannon, WV to grab a bite to eat. As I ventured from 74 College Avenue, I encountered a total of 34 advertisements that ranged from posters to pop up signs and even digital billboards.  After I returned to my residence, I never ventured out into town for the remainder of the day. I will also add that I spent probably another hour total on social media for the remainder of the day. I was negligent on counting during this time span because of other activities occurring. I’d say that I saw approximately 160 additional ads during the one hour period. Throughout the day, I would estimate that I saw anywhere from 270 to 300 ads.

This isn’t anywhere near the estimated 10,000 ads per day but I am not one who is much for traveling much during my days off. I am constantly traveling throughout the week and I don’t usually pay attention to advertisements but in just one day I became burned out on ads.  

Although the 10,000 ads per day is slightly steep in my opinion, the exposure to media has increased over the years for many reasons. But the ad exposure has not seen any major spike. With the ease of a remote, a consumer can change what they want to watch in order to avoid an advertisement. The most clever ad that I saw while counting ads was entering into Cook’s Convenience Store. It was an advertisement about 36-packs of Bud Light for $10.99. This was a deal that couldn’t be passed up which will make me brand loyal to Bud Light for some time. The ad was just a basic poster that was located on the front door of the store.

Although I probably encountered more than 300 ads on this specific day, I was only able to account for the ads when I remembered about my purpose. I really enjoyed this exercise because I didn’t think that I was exposed to that many ads in a day. I definitely encountered less ads than the AMA has set for a standard.

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